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Lava Stone:

The elemental forces of fire and earth, Lava Rocks, are rich in minerals from the depths of the earth’s core and become porous creations of the earth. Fire is one of the four classic elements in ancient Greek philosophy and science. It has generally been associated with the properties of energy, assertiveness, and passion, while the earth has generally been associated with properties of practicality, restraint, and materialism.

Description of the individual chakras:
Red agate – regulates the root chakra, purifies the aura * Balances mental, physical and intellectual energy * Balances the solar plexus chakra * Stimulates positive energy to emotions * Relieves Stress and anxiety Amber Resin – Regulates the Sacral Chakra * Increases the recovery time * Protects against negative energies * Attracts love and loving energies * Electrifies desire * Increases the inner warmth forth

Tiger eye – regulates the solar plexus chakra * increases courage age * improves integrity, sharpens eyesight * stimulates the metabolism

Imported Marble – regulates the heart chakra * detoxifies and strengthens the nervous system * stimulates thanks * soothes and calms the mind * relieves tiredness and exhaustion

blue turquoise – regulates the neck chakra * is considered a “master healing stone” * repairs mental injuries, emotional unrest and previous trauma * promotes communication, solves hostilities and quarrels * improves wisdom * absorbs negative energies to protect the wearer

lapis lazuli – regulates the third eye chakra * helps with meditation * blocks negative energies * promotes expressiveness * clears the mind

amethyst – regulates the crown chakra * improves intuition and psychic powers * helps with meditation and clear dreaming * stabilizes the emotions

8mm stone material contains: amethyst, lapis lazuli, blue turquoise, imperial marble, red agate, tiger eye, amber resin, black lava stone (real natural stones, each pearl is unique)
Relationship bracelets: This bracelet consists of two parts. You can give one of your bracelets to your lover and use it as a couple bracelet. You can give one of your bracelets to your best friend and use them as friendship bracelets. You can also give one of your bracelets to your father, mother, sister or brother. Use them as family bracelets
Buddha heads represent Buddha’s knowledge along with the serenity of expression that goes with it. Oversized with a large skull knot on the head, known as Ushnisha, it represents the wisdom and knowledge that Buddha attains upon attaining enlightenment
Heilstein: Lava is a powerful force and energy of the earth, it ensures the harmony of all vital processes, gives a person peace and quiet. It is also a powerful amulet that protects against bad mood and the decline of life energy. And it gives its owner the power to plan, promote goal achievement and support people in all things
Essential oil diffuser bracelet: lava stones are porous and sometimes irregular in shape. They are great as a diffuser, and use the lava stones to absorb your favorite essential oils, the pores trap the oil and place the bracelet on your wrist. Enjoy the fragrance that is released all day long for additional benefits


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